View charts from Quote Board

I watch a list of markets. To check the charts, I will have to click one tab at a time. This is bit time consuming and hard. Is there a easy way to check the charts of my markets in the watch list (quote board).
I want to be able to create a watchlist, on click of an item, I want my chart to show up. Also navigate over the list using spacebar of up and down arrows.
This will improve the usability of the platform.
There are several usability issues with the platform, and this is the top of my list.

Hi @trader5648

Have a look at this FAQ about linking modules and let me know if this covers your request:

Thanks. How do I set color to a module. I checked and I couldn’t figure this out.

You can click on the gray dot in the tab. It will open a dropdown where you can make a color selection:

Thank you BWeis. It works.

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Can we do the same in the Positions also?

Linking is not available in the Positions module currently, although it has been submitted as an idea. You can add your vote for it here: