Color link on positions page

Would like a color link on the positions page so users can quickly look at charts for current open positions


I sometimes have multiple positions open at once. At the bottom of my screen, I have the Positions module showing my current open P&L for each contract. I want to be able to click on one of those positions and have it linked to one or more charts and my DOM, to view its chart(s) and possibly modify my position, target profit, or stop loss.

Currently I have to go to my Quote Board, click the symbol I want, and then it pulls up that position in my chart windows and DOM.

It’d be faster and more convenient to simply click on any open position listed in the Position module.

I can already link other windows together. Please enable me to link my Positions module too (like I can with the Quote Board), and allow me to click on any open position item and instantly update those linked windows.

Thanks so much!! I love this platform already, and I love it even more knowing you’re constantly improving it and accepting requests! Keep up the great work!