Unrealized Profit Loss Chart

Within the performance display there is a chart for P&L HISTORY (CUMULATIVE WITHOUT FEES) and also one for P&L HISTORY (CUMULATIVE WITH FEES). I would like to propose adding a third chart referred to as P&L HISTORY (UNREALIZED).

This would give traders a significantly better picture of the actual risk they are assuming on an intra-trade basis. To accomplish this, the x-axis of the chart could be set to a 5 second time interval and compressed as traders spent more time in more trades. The chart would effectively show the max run up and max run down within each progressive trade relative to the days overall P&L.

I would like to see a historical visualization of my drawdown and potential profit within a series of trades so as to better determine if my discretionary trading methodology is optimizing risk and reward, or requires adjustment.

Thank you for considering.