Trouble Receiving Tick Data

I am aware that without paying for the extended tick history add-on I am limited to only two weeks of historical tick data, however, I cannot get any more than about 2 trading days. My connection and request to the WebSocket are successful, I just immediately get an eoh flag. Using the asFarAsTimestamp and closestTimestamp fields I can successfully retrieve data within this short period, but when I set closestTimestamp to a date more than about 2 days ago that’s when I start getting the eoh flag. Any ideas?

can you provide an example of code snippet?

problems I’ve run into and fixed was:
Sometimes it can be due to using an old ticker id. Like YMM2 is no longer YMM2 and is now YMU2 and will only send a eof. check for mispelling as well. Im assuming your using javascript and it doesn’t really say anything if your sending undeclared variables in your json.
Try changing the fields to constants to help in debugging. You may be sending the wrong datatype/format to tradovate

I tried a lot of things to no avail, however after purchasing the $10 extended tick history add-on without changing my code I have no issues despite trying to access data from only a few days ago.