Transparent color option for New charts

Can we make “transparent” an option in the color dialog for New charts? I see it is available on Legacy charts.

Seconded. That they took away such a critical feature is mind blowing.

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I agree. Being able to set color palettes to TRANSPARENT for chart settings, etc is a crucial feature. It helps to make unwanted text invisible when desired. I also request this feature!

It would be nice if there was a option to chose “No Color” from the color picker when configuring color options for indicator setups. In the attached image I was trying to remove the background color on the “Volume Profiles” setup.

The current setup has the color, below that is the “HEX & R G B” numbers, below that is the “Previously used colors”. It would be nice if the No color option was added to the previously used section. See mockup image attached.

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