Summarize performance report metrics by Day, Week or Month within selected range

The current performance reports are great, and having granular data by every trade is very helpful for seeing drawdown over a period - however it would be really helpful to be able to see performance breakdowns by day, week or month within the date range you’ve selected rather than only seeing the total or by individual trade.

This will give us the ability to track our performance across a date range to see how we did for a whole trading day(or week or month) to see if we ended up green or red for the day even if we had a big drawdown(or runup).

Since I make lots of individual trades during the day I typically check my performance at the end of the day and my performance summary for each day at the end of the week to see where I ended up.

This would be useful both with and without commissions/fees, but personally I’d say including fees would be more important.