Slider switch to turn on/off automatic display of chart controls

The chart controls appear at the top left of the chart every time I move my cursor over the chart. This is generally not an issue when viewing a large chart, but it is terrible when I’m trying to view a small chart – because the controls block a large part of the small chart when they are the last thing I need. The unwanted appearance of these controls prevents me from seeing critical chart details when I need them most!

If these controls had a separate on/off switch that allowed me to decide when they would appear automatically, then they would NOT block my view of the charts when I set the switch to “off”.

A simple “auto/off” slider switch is what I’m suggesting here, similar to the “DAY/GTC” slider switch (which as a day trader I never use BTW). When set to “auto” the chart controls would continue to appear on mouseover as they do now, but when set to “off” they would not appear on mouseover.

P.S. I write software for a living, and I know you cannot implement every new feature someone suggests. I just thought this was an idea worth considering since it would clearly solve a problem I am having when using smaller charts. Otherwise the Tradovate software seems intuitively better than most, so thanks for the great development work.