Improving Chart real-estate on screen

First, needed F11 toggle switch to show/hide title bar of Tradovate application just like any other Windows app.
Second, why we need static top bar and right bar with huge icons? They can be made collapsible just like “Tradovate Help” button with blue vertical lie to the bottom right. Those 2 menus can pop on hovering over 2-3 pixel line. Also the current time clock can go on any tab that has focus (next to hot-key, settings, detach, maximize, close button)
Third, option to see OHLCV data as horizontal line at top of chart instead of data-box. Same for indicator in the bottom separate panes.
Fourth, if I am trading from chart why I need large bar at the top of chart with contract info and trade buttons? They are repetition, but if required can they be made collapsible, visible only when hover over by mouse?