Rework Order Notifications to consume less area and be less intrusive for users

Order notification popups may overlap some workspace elements. We are updating these to make better use of space inside the Trader

With our next update (version 1.200529.0), we have updated our approach for in-app order notifications.

In prior versions, if order notifications were enabled, a notification message would appear at the top of the screen underneath the order icon (as below):

While users would like to continue to receive these notifications, we’ve received many requests to make these less intrusive. With this version, we’ve introduced a Notification Ticker that will be displayed at the top of the window (next to the search icon). This ticker can be enabled/disabled by a flag setting in the Applications Settings area:

When enabled, any order notifications you have enabled will display in this area and will be automatically dismissed based on some timings.

As before, if you would like to see more details about the order, you can click on the order in the ticker to display the full order details. Also, you can continue to view all orders in the orders module as well as by running order or order details reports.

In our mobile versions, the ticker will show on the bottom of the screen, just above the app navigation:

In the absence of any notifications, this area will display current Central Time Zone time


We will be adding a toggle to allow users to display the time in either CT or local time


With Release 1.200612.0, we’ve added a toggle to allow you to switch the clock that appears in the ticker between either your local time or Central Time (US)