Renko Chart Errors


I have begun watching Renko charts and they don’t seem able to display data in real time. Bars are not displayed sequentially or are skipped completely. Refreshing the Chrome browser solves the issue up to that point, but the error reoccurs with the incoming price data. Is there a known fix for this?


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Hi @Thomas_Pluzycki

Can you report to our support group? They should be able to collect additional details and escalate as necessary to the development team

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Any movement on this @BWeis? I have not heard from Support since the email was sent 7 days ago.

As it stands with bars disappearing, reappearing, and moving around these charts are unusable.

Will check. Do you have a ticket ID you can DM me?

I sent the DM a few days ago. Today I noticed this problem is not occurring in the legacy charts, if that helps.

Thanks @Thomas_Pluzycki We have an update that is in our testing environment right now with QA

That’s great to hear! Thank you!

We will be releasing the fix for this to version 1.210212.0 of the trader over the weekend (2/12/2021). This will be available in the beta version of the trader first and moved to the general release next weekend (planned)

To access the beta version:

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That was fast! Thanks to you and your team for your attention and quick turnaround.

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This fix will be going to our production version this weekend

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