Release Notes - Version 1.210226.0

Functions included in Version 1.210226.0

  • Added: Community Explorer. Users can now add images to posts. If you have shared a workspace, chart template, color scheme or custom indicator, you can now upload up to 3 images to your post. Note: Existing posts can be updated with images.
  • Added: Custom Indicators. We have exposed a full graphics solution to be used with our custom indicators. Check out details and examples in our updated Custom Indicators Documentation
  • Added: Extended Chart Tick addon. We know that some studies with tick data require more history. Our default setting for all tick-based charts is a 2-week window of history. With this release, we will be giving you the option to gain access to 1 year of tick history (in Sim, Live, and Market replay). Details will be added to the Add-ons area of the Application Settings.
  • Updated: Chart. We’ve added some optimizations in the charts module and improved the initial loading time


  • Fix the community indicators’ layout for Firefox
  • Online account application view was blank for some users accessing from a non-approved device
  • Tick-based charts had one bar only in some situations
  • Secondary windows of desktop applications had a problem with Community Explorer
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To access this functionality:
Find your indicator in the community

Click on the “Add Pictures” button. this will open a modal for you to upload up to 3 images

Add your pictures to the post

After clicking “Save” your Community share will be updated with the images selected

Clicking on the image in the post will open it fullscreen

As of 03/09/2021, this option can now be found under the add-on tools