Recently Filled On Bid/Recently Filled on Ask Dom Feature (Sierra/Jigsaw style)

Is there anyway someone at Tradovate can at least confirm or deny that a Recently filled on bid/ask feature for the dom (executed market orders Sierra/Jigsaw style) is in the works and is coming soon? if its not something that is planning to be rolled out it would be nice to know so that people can fully switch over to Sierra or stay with Tradovate in order to fully get use to one or the other. (would love to stay with Tradovate personally)

Doesn’t seem like this is a feature coming in the near future. Super unfortunate, tradovate has a lot going for it but this feature as well as micro execution on mini dom is a big deal breaker. Will personally just have to stick with Sierra, I hope this changes, the recently filled on bid/ask column for the dom feature has 30+ votes, not sure what else is needed to get this done.