Product/find enpoint returning 404

I am trying to use the product/find endpoint



The above command fails, I’ve tried with es, esm, ES, ESM, they all seem to fail.



Using the same websocket connection, the command below works.


{'totalCashValue': xxx, 'totalPnL': 0.0, 'initialMargin': 0.0, 'maintenanceMargin': 0.0, 'netLiq': xxx, 'openPnL': 0.0, 'realizedPnL': 0.0, 'weekRealizedPnL': 0.0}

Is my request malformed someway?

The root issue is, I would like to get all the detail of a particular symbol. I use contract find endpoint
This returns a symbol id, name, contractmaturityid and providerticksize.

I would like to get the fields provided by the product/deps endpoint, most of the products endpoints are returning 404 errors.

— My goal is to be able use the API to get all this data points programmatically

I think the “isAutomated” is probably messing it up as the docs only ask for the name for the query parameters. Also the name doesn’t need to be in an object for a get request. Should just be a string like “name=ESM2”. The docs say product/find and contract/find endpoints take the same query parameters so if you have a working contract/find function just change the endpoint and it should work the same. Hope some of this helps and sorry if I overlooked something.

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Thank you, this helped me. I used the symbol lookup format and that was the key.

{'id': 799, 'name': 'ES', 'currencyId': 1, 'productType': 'Futures', 'description': 'E-Mini S&P 500', 'exchangeId': 2, 'exchangeChannelId': 4, 'contractGroupId': 10, 'riskDiscountContractGroupId': 1, 'status': 'Verified', 'months': 'HMUZ', 'valuePerPoint': 50.0, 'priceFormatType': 'Decimal', 'priceFormat': -2, 'tickSize': 0.25, 'allowProviderContractInfo': False, 'isMicro': False, 'marketDataSource': 'Auto', 'lookupWeight': 1663, 'hasReplay': True}
{'id': 1878809, 'name': 'MES', 'currencyId': 1, 'productType': 'Futures', 'description': 'Micro E-mini S&P 500', 'exchangeId': 2, 'exchangeChannelId': 4, 'contractGroupId': 2, 'riskDiscountContractGroupId': 3, 'status': 'Verified', 'months': 'HMUZ', 'valuePerPoint': 5.0, 'priceFormatType': 'Decimal', 'priceFormat': -2, 'tickSize': 0.25, 'allowProviderContractInfo': False, 'isMicro': True, 'marketDataSource': 'Auto', 'lookupWeight': 4670, 'hasReplay': True}
{'id': 1878810, 'name': 'MNQ', 'currencyId': 1, 'productType': 'Futures', 'description': 'Micro E-mini NASDAQ-100', 'exchangeId': 2, 'exchangeChannelId': 4, 'contractGroupId': 2, 'riskDiscountContractGroupId': 3, 'status': 'Verified', 'months': 'HMUZ', 'valuePerPoint': 2.0, 'priceFormatType': 'Decimal', 'priceFormat': -2, 'tickSize': 0.25, 'allowProviderContractInfo': False, 'isMicro': True, 'marketDataSource': 'Auto', 'lookupWeight': 5522, 'hasReplay': True}