Pivot Points not working with Renko

Doesn’t seem to work at all. Oddly enough, another custom indicator named Tiki OHLC plots fine. That custom indicator plots the previous session high, low, and close. A pivot point is just the three added together divided by 3. Not sure why a simple pivot point isn’t showing up.

I have had all kinds of trouble with the new Beta charts when it comes to indicators plotting that need to see past candle data. This is do to the new Beta charts limiting the number of candles it is allowed to see, and if you use a fast time setting on the chart like a (133 tick) it is even more of a problem.

This is a problem on the legacy charts as well.

Does Zooming out enough to see a couple days worth of candle data still not plot the pivot lines?

It’s just Renko. Any other candle setting or time setting works fine with pivots. Zooming in or out doesn’t help. Renko also doesn’t work with any type of volume indicators, but the built in daily volume profile works fine.