Open Position Warning Upon Quit

I’d like to see a pop up window when quitting the application if there’s an open position.

Not only Open position, but open orders as well.

Right now i always smash the big red panic button before quitting the app.
Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.13.06 AM

Also i keep this tabs open so i can quickly see at a glance if there is any positions open or working oder open.

Because you can access Tradovate on nearly any device and sessions in a browser can be ended without logging out, we wanted a way to reliably notify users about activity when they end their sessions.

One approach we are planning for Live Account holders is to send the user an account summary email after their last session has been closed. This summary email would include a listing of any working orders as well as a summary of positions.

This is on the roadmap.