New sessions overlay

Tradovate finally has a decent sessions overlay indicator!

Check out “SuperSessions” in the indicators tab.

You can have up to 3 customizable session overlays simultaneously.

? Unable to find SuperSessions in Community Indicators. Could you be more specific or cut and paste an example of what you are sharing? Thanks,

Just loaded it, it’s on there.

It sure is now under channels after you load it.


May you be well.

Will play with it.

Best and Mucho gracias

Woops sorry, there was a bug in the code, this will be back shortly.

Ok I got around to fixing this, so its up. It may be a tiny bit laggy, if anyone knows if it’s possible to delete previous graphics objects by key or index or timestamp, let me know. Haven’t figured that out yet.

Nevermind it’s no longer laggy.
For anyone from the future trying to code a Tradovate indicator that REPAINTS,
you must modulate the “global” graphics object property.
There are no means to remove graphics objects as far as I could find.
I just saved you days of headache, cause NO ONE is around here to help.

Appreciate the heads up!