New SessionDeltaProfile

Very useful tool here guys… Check it out.
I was able to convert the price axis delta tool to be configurable by time. You can select time, tick resolution, and color options, as well as the ability to automatically change resolution based on zoom level.

-note: it takes a second to load, be patient

For coders:

The goal was to make the profile extents be selectable by the user via drawing tool anchors but I don’t think its possible. When I input “calculator” and “drawing” (from DrawingToolImplementation interface) properties within module.exports simultaneously, nothing loads.

The issue is that to load the delta profile, you need to access the “d.profile” method. And the BarInputEntities are only available to “calculator”: “Specifies available fields and functions of input elements in and Calculator.filter”.

So if I can’t load an indicator and a drawing interface together, the only other options I can think of are instantiating the indicator within the drawing, using a helper file to load the profile, or maybe the profile code can be run within the drawing tool itself somehow, but I don’t know how to do it.

If you have any ideas let me know, delta profile is such an underrated tool, it would be so nice to select start/ end points to focus on certain areas.