Need help from the community HigherHighLower Lows Indicator

Hi , :slight_smile: See below, need help
ThinkorSwim Indicator, help to code to Tradovate Java script. Great practical indicator
as follows:
I would love to see this HHLL indicator from ThinkorSwim on Tradovate:

It is great for Bull and Bear Flags and is just fantastic. It would be a great addition from one of your inhouse developers like Alexander.


Can someone put this into Tradovate Java Script?

see below the TOS usethink script

declare lower;

input length = 20;

input over_bought = 60;

input signal_line = 50;

input over_sold = 10;

input averageType = AverageType.EXPONENTIAL;

Assert(length > 1, "โ€˜lengthโ€™ must be greater than one: " + length);

def HH = if high > high[1] then (high - Lowest(high, length)) / (Highest(high, length) - Lowest(high, length)) else 0;

def LL = if low < low[1] then (Highest(low, length) - low) / (Highest(low, length) - Lowest(low, length)) else 0;

plot HHS = 100 * MovingAverage(averageType, HH, length);

plot LLS = 100 * MovingAverage(averageType, LL, length);

plot OverBought = over_bought;

plot SignalLine = signal_line;

plot OverSold = over_sold;






AddLabel (yes, HHS, Color.WHITE);

AddLabel(yes, LLS, Color.RED);


Fred Naef


6/8/2023 6:25 AM