Micro bitcoin fees

Is anyone else concerned about about the $2.50 per side exchange fee? After you add on tradovate fees, we are paying at least $3 per side. $1.25exchange fee is what you pay on the ES which is $12.5 a tick while mbt is 50 cents a tick. I feel like trading cost will eat into profits on this contract.

So, not for nothing but the fees they charge are standard. It could be worst. I was trading the futures on e-trade and they require you to cover the full collateral cost per contract.

If $2.50 is a issue, maybe consider trading the micros until you build up your account.

Good luck

Fees are steep for a product that is 50 cents a tick. The spreads are wide and the fees only make it worse. Trading fees can eat into profits if you have a bunch of small winners and loser. This micro btc is costly and inferior to other non USA based products that trade 24/7. Cme is just taking advantage of the situation since USA can’t access the better options. Maybe things will improve over time.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the futures aren’t supposed to act like options, which is what you sound like your trying to compare it too.

CME liabilities & Liquidity cost money so I don’t blame the CME. I hope they keep charging and everyone that expects something for nothing can go to the free platforms that holt trades due to lack of liquidity.

Again if your concerned about a tick & not movement in point increments this might not be for you.

NQ is +$20 a point. Between 2:58-3:15 that was a easy $860. Who cares about $2.50.

It is a micro contract though. I know bitcoin makes large moves but he has a point on the fees and spread. The fees on other micros range from 18 to 52 cents. If the spread closes it won’t be so bad though since it’s way cheaper to trade a contract than the crypto exchange fees on the same size trade. Unless the price tanks again that is.