Managed Groups Stop Loss Settings

Dear Community, i cant find a possibility of how to Set important STOP LOSS Levels, after execution orders via Managed Groups (two Accounts), as i have red, there is no Bracket Order, wich is a big issue for people with many accounts, please help me and show me how i can add Stop Loss before and after executing an Order.

Thanks in Advance

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There definitely is the option to create bracket orders!

On the chart header you should see, “Join Bid” & “Join Ask”. To the right of that there’s a drop down selector labeled “ATM”. To the right you should see a Gear. Click the “Gear” to open the bracket setup options.

Indeed, the Bracket Orders DO NOT work under grouping. However, once you enter a trade, you can place the mouse on the chart and clic on the Sell/Buy Stop or Limit and it will be replicated on all the accounts, same procedure for SL and TP, you can even change the number of contracts at the top of the chart and create orders for various levels of TP1, TP2, etc.

I’m curious, since the group requires you to place an order multiplied by how many accounts are grouped (for example, if you want to trade 1 contract in a group of 2 you must type 2)…for clicking on the chart stop or TP does it automatically put the correct amount?

It would be nice to add TP and SL before order execution support to be able to set and forget orders.

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I am not able to set TP and SL after the execution of order as well because If I click on the dom for SL it just takes me out