Labels for Lines


I was surprised this wasn’t already a feature and hope it would be a simple addition, one which many people would find useful:

What I am hoping to see is an addition to the chart line editor / properties of any given line, in order to add a label / name. Could have options for where to pin the text, be it left, right, center, above/below/centered on the line, etc. Doesn’t need too many options. But the only current means of labeling lines on Tradovate charts appears to be… manually moving around a text box, which are easily lost on moving charts, and is also a bit of a nuisance if one is regularly moving / updating lines day to day and so on.

I second that! I have to put all my labeled lines/price notes using a third-party application (TradingView). It would be so much nicer to be able to do it on the Tradeovate charts.

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Yes, please - this would be a great feature to have!