Keep DOM centered

Is there a way to keep the DOM centered?

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Hey Bruce_Fleet,

I’m not sure (but 99.9% sure) that TT (Trading Technologies) still holds the patent to “static DOM” (= a DOM that remains centered). It caused a lot of fury and disgust in the industry back in the day but basically if you want to have a static DOM on any platform, you have to pay TT exorbitant patent fees for that (20 cents per contract per side or something like that) so you’ll find that most DOM’s either aren’t static or allow you the option to “go static” if you consent to paying the fees.

Only reason I say “99.9% sure” is because I don’t know exactly when their patent runs out. But it better be soon fingers crossed!

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You can manually do this using the HOT keys

centered DOM doesnt help when my order is way outside the center. any other solution?

We’re exploring some enhancements to allow you to “zoom out” on the DOM (to show more levels) much in the same way we allow this on our Pulse mobile app

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