Current price in the center of DOM

can we add a setting for always set current price in the centor of DOM

I also request this. It would be so helpful especially in fast moving markets

It would be very helpful to be able to fix the price to the middle of the DOM at all times. Right now it’s jumping around which is irritating in fast moving markets

really need this. it would be really helpful

This would be so helpful

really need this. it would be really helpful

@BWeis any chance to work on this?

This is not currently scheduled.

can you please schedule it

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@BWeis any chance to schedule this feature

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New to Tradovate are there any plans for Auto Centering on the DOM. It is so frustrating to always have to move it in a fast market.

I don’t use the DoM much , but i do believe “Right” clicking on the “Go To Last” at the bottom auto center the price.

If auto-centering is added, best for it to be an option rather than forced, as it can be difficult to manage orders on a DOM that jumps around. The “go to last” button is good enough for me and the DOM scrolls very fast with the mouse wheel.


It makes it so much convenient to trade. For futures , when the volatility is high, we have to manually scroll to get the price in focus. Auto Center would be great!

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auto center should be a must have feature! please implement!! :pray:

Today was the worse as the market moved incredibly fast. Just so annoying!

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