Include more tradeable info in Tickstream

1.) Who initiated the transaction → Bid and Ask Info
Currently, Tickstream only shows a transaction’s volume @ price and color codes whether the price moved up or down or continued from last price.

  • However, and this is key, it does not show whether a transaction was a buyer hitting the ask or a seller hitting the bid.

This is particularly important if an aggressive seller (for example) is hitting the bid below current price, which can not be deduced currently or whether aggressive sellers (for example) are sweeping the price lower.

Therefore instead of color coding by price, color codes should be by transaction direction (market buyer hitting ask or market seller hitting bid)

2.) Transaction below/above current price
Tickstream should flag transactions when they happen below the current price or above the current price (again indicating aggressive selling or buying or whale activity)

3.) Block orders and Ice bergs
Tick stream should flag block orders and iceberg orders

Thank you!