Can someone please explain this on TICK STREAM

This can’t be good…

all I did was change the filter and the order changed from red to green???
same exact order, why did it change colors?


You can find an overview on the coloring on the Tradovate Tick Stream here

Right, I am pretty sure understand the colors and always have, but changing the filter for volume SHOULD not change the color, right?


I posted the same issue weeks ago, but did not get a reply.


Sort of a big deal I’d say… Like, if I see a large order (I normally filter for 49+) I could totally make a wrong decision if that color is flipped for no reason.

Might have to have the T&S of another platform going. #smh

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I would guess it’s a bug with the aggregation algo. If you’re a tape reader you probably need to use a functional, customizable Time&Sales so you might want to consider an alternative

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well of course it needs to be functional. the only real customizable thing I’d like is audio alerts for certain sizes. I’m only looking for simple, specific things – nothing super elaborate for how I read the tape… been down that road; it’s too much for me.

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I’ve requested a feature for this to be fixed. (This is a bug, in my opinion, but whatever.)

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This issue still exists today. I’ll have to use a different broker. I don’t think Tradovate is making any effort to fix it.

I would bet they are trying to fix a lot of things with NINJATRADER as the new owner. I’m not giving up on them yet. But till then… different broker it is.