How to get entry/stop, take profit prices and type for an order?

I am new to the Tradovate API and not a developer, so please bear with me. When I run the order list API, it displays the open trades in the format as show below as a response. I know where to get the symbol for the trade from the response received, but I’m not sure what API to run to retrieve the prices related to the trade and the type of trade such as limit, buy, etc, as well as status (working, filled, etc). Any help would be appreciated.

“accountId”: XXXXXX,
“contractId”: XXXXXXX,
“timestamp”: “2022-12-05T15:48:07.331Z”,
“action”: “Sell”,
“ordStatus”: “Working”,
“executionProviderId”: 1,
“archived”: false,
“external”: false,
“admin”: false

are you using python or Java?

Tradovate return data in JSON format. It is easy to extract and go through the API documentation.

Check the above API, and it will give all existing positions list.

Try this operation /orderVersion/deps?masterid=orderId using the known order entity ID for orderId.