For some reason i cant find how to remove these

Screenshot 2023-12-22 172615
i do not know if these are part of a strategy /indicator or not. i have remove and replaced each indicator i have in my chart elements section and they still wont go away. im referring to the white what look to be doji’s ,however when reviewing the chart there are other doji’s that are not white so its leading me to believe they are part of a template or indicator i just cant figure it out … wtf
any ideas ?

This may be part of the chart template. Check under the “Configure Chart Elements” and the chart settings, maybe one of the colors is different for you.
The following images show the settings on my charts and I don’t have the same doji color that you show on your image. Check under neutral sections. If you find that the colors are all correct then it may be some other indicator or element you have on the app, which then would recommend you do a fresh re-install.
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