Editable font size

Is it possible to reduce font size? it is too big and occupying lots of space.
especially when I add more than one indicators, it is hard to see useful information from chart and indicator.

Especially to reduce the font size of the DOM would be important.
Someone from support mentioned that “we do not have a font size editor within the platform”.

My comment is:

  • do not overcomplicate things
  • as a simple solution, have one parameter ‘font size’ somewhere in the Global App Menue
  • it would be okay, if the app has to be restarted (re-login) for the new font size to be effective
  • as a second step, for a more user-friendly solution, it would be nice when the font size of each Module (DOM, Chart, …) could be changed separately

If you are using Tradovate in the browser, does adjusting the browser font size achieve what you are looking for?

Yes it does perfectly, but I prefer to work with the desktop version, bc you can use the 2. monitor.