Duplicate stop leg rejection events sent to our websocket client app at 2:30 pm ET everyday

Hi @Alexander

We are seeing duplicate stop leg rejection events sent to our websocket client app that subscribes to the demo websocket endpoint → wss://demo.tradovateapi.com/v1/websocket/user/syncrequest.

This is happening often - please see below some associated Order IDs and event timestamps when these events were received. The duplicate event is often seen hours after the original event is received.

Note: All timestamps below are in EST.

We are also seeing all the stop leg rejections received until 2:30PM ET are being replayed at 2:30PM on a daily basis – there’s no event or change from our end that could be causing this issue – what can be causing these replay/dupe events sent to our websocket client?

Order Id: 3776790618
Time when the first rejection was received: 2022-04-29T09:38:11.914-04:00 (this was expected as a result of placement of an order)
Time when the duplicate event was received with the same order id: 2022-04-29T14:30:10.107-04:00 (this was not expected – no related action observed from our side that can cause this duplicate event)

Order Id: 3779869254
Stop leg rejection event timestamp: 2022-04-29T11:41:26.136-04:00
Duplicate event received: 2022-04-29T14:30:10.125-04:00

There are more instances – these are a couple of samples.

The duplicate event is causing handling issues at our end – could you please investigate and help with the root cause of the duplicate rejection events?


If this is the time that the particular product’s trading session ends, orders sent throughout the day will have their entry updated. The update will have these properties:

  e: 'props',
  d: {
    eventType: 'Update',
    entityType: 'order',
    entity: {
      archived: true

Specifically you should look for the 'Update' eventType, and then look for archived to be true.