Dorman Trading will no longer support the trading of Small Exchange Products

Just received an email about this with one week notice.

What exactly are the “smalls”?

Does this include MES?

Is Dorman now going to charge us to take our money out and move it to another broker?

The Small Exchange is a separate exchange (

Tradovate users can trade these Small Exchange products:

Only users trading any of these products would be affected

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OMG thank you BWeis.

Scared me ! I was finally getting settled in nicely with Tradovate and thought I was going to have to find another MES product broker.

Keep up the great work guys!

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You have got to be kidding me! Being able to trade the Smalls was my main reason for getting a Tradovate account

I believe you still can. You just need to close your open positions, if any, and then open an account at Philip capital and fund it. Dorman won’t do the clearing on small exchange anymore.