Delta Chart type in Bid Ask Volume chart confusion

Hello everyone, I am new to using Tradovate’s charting, and I was looking over the Delta Chart type in the Bid Ask Volume, and I was hoping if someone could answer if which side was buying or positive delta is and which side is the selling or negative delta is. From my understanding, the left side is the seller delta and the right side is the buyer delta, but when I turn on the histograms, the colors contradict what I thought I knew. Can someone please clear this up for me. Thank You!

I inverted the colors to print what the transaction is actually doing coming off of the tape. Default will have the bid/ask set up like the dom. Some people like it that way. I prefer to see it turn green as price is pressed up and opposite as price is pressed down…


Thank You Jason! I figured that as well, and had to confirm it.

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