Create order based on community Indicator?

Is there a way to create an order (buy/sell) through the API based on a community indicator setting as the trigger?

I have searched but haven’t been able to find any documentation on this.


Unfortunately this is not currently possible.

Is this on the development roadmap anywhere? I thought the whole purpose of the API was to be able to generate buy/sell triggers based on indicators.

Can you use ANY indicators as a trigger to buy sell?

Otherwise you would need to program your own indicator, and use that to generate a trigger for buy/sell?

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API Intent

The API is intended to allow for the creation of applications that allow users to trade, backed by our technology but apart from the Trader application, and in a spec-agnostic manner (doesn’t matter what language/platform(s) you use as long as it can make HTTP requests). How they get to that point is up to the author(s) of the application.

API Features/Exceptions

90% of the features that are available on the Trader app are also available for use via API. The only real exceptions to what is available via API for retail users are user/live account creation endpoints, B2B organization stuff, Tradovate subscriptions, direct entity creation (happens via some standard calls though anyway) and the reports API, which is private and locked to non admins. Trading (and all the configuration that comes with it), all personal user data (accounts, positions, products you’ve traded, cash balance logs, etc etc), simulation, live, and replay, as well as all ticker data is available to retail API users. The API is a beast that was designed for application developers, primarily.

CIs and API

However the API and CIs are not linked. There is no way currently for our API to talk to CIs or vice versa. Someday this may change, as we do have API integration for CIs on the roadmap, but there is no current schedule or ETA for this feature yet. CIs are resources that naturally have no communication with the outside world (to prevent malicious code). The indicators get compiled internally and in a ‘jailed’ environment that isn’t intended to touch code within Trader or our API. If API data was fed to the CI environment, it would be a one-way scenario where the calls would be limited to things like sending orders and gathering personal user data.

Looking Forward…

But - if we were to add API access to the jailed environment, you’d be able to call whatever indicators you had installed. So you’d ultimately be able to use TikiDave’s indicators as signals when the day finally arrives that we release such a development. Right now this is way off in the distant future. But the ‘distant future’ isn’t always that long in the app development lifecycle, so who knows :slight_smile:

What about Tradovates internal/standard indicators? Are you able to call on those through the API since they are not community/third-party and no risk of malicious code etc…

When anyone uses the API they can use the data anyway they want. For instance I use rust so if I want to use a commonly used or standard indicator I use the “ta” library and use it’s functions on the market data. I’m sure there are comparable libraries in any language. That’s why it’s a low priority for Tradovate to provide them as they’re already available elsewhere.

Thanks Epictetzu and Alexander

I’m looking to hire a developer who can help me program a series of buy/sell rules based on Tradovate indicators.

If anyone is available to do that, please message me.