Add indicator alerts/order triggers

Please consider adding indicator-based alerts and order triggers. Currently, alerts are primarily only useful in terms of receiving price-based notifications. Having indicator-based order triggers would help to open the door to make systematic trading more easily automated.

As an example, I’d like to get an alert when 5-min 3-period RSI is above 90 or below 10 and open a mean reversion trade when it goes above 95 or below 5.

It would be great to see this feature implemented in a way where any currently defined indicator could be selected from a drop down menu as an input to an alert or order. Even better, being able to combine multiple indicators to create complex alerts and order triggers would be ideal, so that if 2 or more criteria are simultaneously met, the alert or order is then triggered.

Yes - every other platform has this… With alerts you can actually walk away from trading until you are alerted and need to see it. Just alerts (Audible) for when the price crosses any standard indicator you have included would be a great start.

In my opinion this is the biggest option that is not currently available. I am keeping a 2nd account open with another broker (Which is tying up money just sitting there) just to get alerts which seems ridiculous…

Please vote for this if you would use it :slight_smile:


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I am wondering if there is any way I can obtain an indicator which would issue a chime, bell or ring, etc at key market reversals so I could look up from what I am doing and not the need to possibly enter or exit a trade.

It would be best if I could link this chime/bell to any indicator I have on my chart: including, slow stochastic %D or %k, Tiki squeeze histogram reversal, MA reversal. And it could put an up or down arrow on the chart on the same bar that closes which causes the chime to ring.

It would seem like many traders would like this and be willing to pay for such an add-on. I sure would.
Let me know what is possible, or if there is someone I can hire to do this. Thank you.

If it could combine an average of 2 or 3 indicators reversing at the same time that would be over the top fantastic.

I have looked into this & currently we do not have the ability to do this (Even a programmer).

If they make this available I would be willing to chip in with you and hire someone to get it done.

Hoping they add this to the list of planned updates. :crossed_fingers:t3:

I’d also love this.

Specifically, I’d like to set up an alert when price is above or below a moving average on the 5-min timeframe. And if I can set this up on multiple instruments (not just the contract I’m currently viewing), even better! :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering this!!