Connect Atas platform through API

I use ATAS platform to market analysis.And need to purchase Market data from Dxfeed.
Is it possible to connect ATAS platform through API to use Market data from Tradovate?
Thank you!

Hi Anton,

Using software connected to the Tradovate API with your Tradovate user/account will always provide the best experience for you (All of your personal risk settings such as Daily Loss Limits, etc would work seamlessly, Market Replay, trading your simulation account, etc). However, in this case, ATAS has not yet written to the Tradovate API. We’ve found 3rd parties are more apt to connect to additional APIs if there is a demand form their users. If you would want to reach out to ATAS about this connection, you can have them contact us and we can get them setup with access and documentation to do so.

As another option (this would not be as integrated with the approach described above where ATAS is connected directly to the Tradovate API), I do see ATAS works with CQG. Since we leverage CQG’s infrastructure as well, this could be an option for you. In order for you to have access to ATAS in the Tradovate environment, ATAS would need to request access to their software be allowed to users at Tradovate. Once they approve this access, we would be able to set you up for it. Please keep in mind, if you are using the 3rd party platform connected to CQG, there will be additional fees for data, monthly access and order routing. Those are detailed here:

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Hello Brian,
I talk with Atas manager and he told me that they try to connect with Tradovate several times by Email, but had no respond. Please can you check email may be it goes to spam or something else.
Thank you for your work.

Thanks for following-up @Anton_Zheltobriukh

Let me check with the team here at Tradovate to see if it might have been routed incorrectly

You can request a connection to ATAS (via CQG) through our support channels and they will be able to get you setup that way.

Hi!. then is it possible to connect with tradovate with atas and be able to operate on live atas?

Unfortunately, this would require ATAS to write to the Tradovate API, which they have indicated is not in their short term plans