Comparison charts

Would we be able to get a function, not really an ‘indicator’ per se but for example and I hate using other companies to compare with and basically ask for their same thing. However, there is a feature with ThinkOrSwim but I believe others have it too, that’s called ‘compare’ or comparison, and you can select a separate chart of any instrument and have it put on the same chart of whatever you’re looking at. The 2nd chart will not show all of the bells and whistles and the graphics are made to make it seem in the background. Another feature they have is enabling the left axis, so that say the background chart may be at $25, and the main chart is $125, but with the left axis enabled they seem like they’re trading at the same level and helps with comparing to. I am currently stuck trading futures options currently so I would like to be able to overlay whatever options contract I’m in on top of the main ES chart. I hope I detailed this correctly and comes in useful. Thanks