Commission Free plan, discount for Market Replay?

I’m considering paying for the annual Commission Free plan and trying to figure out my net cost.
Is Market Replay included with the Commission Free plan, or is it discounted?

In the Add On Tools section, there is an option to activate Lifetime Market Replay for free (but it is greyed out). This is confusing. I found a Tradovate page that makes mention of this but refers me to the pricing page for details. The pricing page doesn’t mention anything about Market Replay.
The Tradovate article is here.

How does the Extended Tick Data History work with Market Replay? Do I need to purchase that too if I want to watch the flow of trades on the DOM (or to see market orders on the DOM in jigsaw)?


The tick history add on will enable the 1 year window for tick history in the chart. This would also apply to the “Replay Date” in the chart. Say for example, you were replaying 3/1/2021, you would be able to access tick history in the chart back to 3/1/2020 in your replay session

Per OP question are market replays included in the commission free plan? Thks