Can we get a quick option to lock your account for a specified amount of time (e.g 1 hour)?

Sometimes I’m out of tune with the market and want to have the ability to quickly lock my account as a precaution anytime I’m losing and having thoughts that I’m out of sync and need to wait for something different to set up. So it would be nice to have a simple lock button at the top, click it, comes up with a pop-up with time options (30m, 1hr, 4hr, 1 day, etc). Then you click lock and it asks you if you’re sure. This could be a very useful tool when you’re fighting the market and getting headfaked several times in a row, tends to happen to me right after market open for example. Sometimes I just want a forced break, like “welp no point staring at the chart now, I couldn’t trade if I wanted to.” That’s the type of will-power that’s hardest to master, deciding it’s time to quit for [insert timeframe] and unequivocally following through with it every time. And the market is tricky/deceptive, but usually that first intuition of something being wrong is correct, and I’d like to decide I’m done and set it into stone seconds after that