Bubbles on Price Axis, more Customization, Templates, and More Colors

Could we get the following please?

Option to have a “bubble” follow the indicator on the time axis with an option to toggle the line on/off?
Ex. You select an 10 EMA, there is an option to track the current potion with a horizontal line to the price axis, could we get the option to turn that line off and just have a bubble with price on the axis?

Could we get the option to build a template for each indicator? While this does seem to sync across platforms when altering options, ie line color of an SMA, but it would be nice to have the ability to have that customized indicator set to a user default when adding to a new chart, etc.

Could we get more colors as options for indicators? While the current options are nice, for some people, certain colors need to differ by a larger amount to stand out. Ex. color blind persons may only see the “green” colors as the same shade so they need a more drastic color option to differentiate.

Also it would be great if font size and font colors were customizable.