Allow More Votes per Trader

Tradovate listens to what traders want, but only those suggestions with the highest number of votes. The problem is, we as traders are allotted a small number of votes. To make those votes count, we will vote for the largest projects, not the minor improvements. We have to do that. But there are so many good ideas that would improve Tradovate, and we just can’t vote for them. Does management know this?

I am asking for a more efficient and effective voting system:

  1. As soon as management decides on implementing a suggestion, to clearly indicate, and then release all the votes, and close voting for that suggestion.
  2. Allow each trader more votes
  3. Identify what would be a minor change, or a major upgrade.
  4. Find a way to allow traders to support lots of minor changes they would like to see.
  5. Find a better balance between the two extremes: Unlimited and “very few votes”

Unlimited: can diminish the importance of each vote to the trader

Very few: one must prioritize what they want to see changed in the platform. The importance of each each vote is established. The risk of too few allowed votes: Missing many good ideas that traders would want to see in the platform, especially minor changes.

It appears that Tradovate is at the “very few votes” extreme.