Adjusting bracket orders

For my strategy I need a fairly complex bracket order, with 1SL and 3TP, that jump to break even and then from TP to TP level.

Therefore I use the “SL to break even” and “Trailing TP” function.

The thing is, that I can’t make a predefined (standard) setup for my trades, because I can’t finetune any of the complex metrics in the bracket, like “SL to break even” and “Trailing TP” afterward.

Since every trade is different with different levels, filling in everything from scratch with every trade makes things slow and cumbersome. What would really help is for me to have the complete (standardized) metrics all filled in and saved. Ready to deploy quickly when a trade presents itself.

Then whenever the trade runs I have more than enough time to adjust the intricate metrics of the bracket order. This would be ideal, but sadly adjusting these metrics at all isn’t possible…