Account Security for videos

For some of us that are planning on vlogging or streaming our live trades online:

Is there a option for our live accounts numbers to be turned into asteriks or hide it like webull does?

Its most important in the 3 areas: main view, performance view, and settings view

for now, you can hide the buttons in main view but it also takes out your view on your cash view

the other 2 areas still shows it though

thank you

While this will not help with your request and I did vote for it, you can place the Performance center on your chart (even the bottom if you like) and customize that to only show what you want. I have no workaround for a accidental click of the settings exposing all info since account is the very first group shown.

yea, i do that part with P/L module…
thankfully for videos, we can edit account numbers out…
for streaming…we got to be reallly careful what we show on screen…

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