Warning... Atomic Clock

New warning message that appeared approximately 1-2 months ago. It is HIGHLY irritating.

I can’t sync my computer perfectly to the atomic clock and I don’t care. I don’t need to be reminded EVERY time I log in.

Please remove it.

@MrSaltie, we introduced this warning because some users complained that they saw some issues if their system clock was off and couldn’t figure out why they were seeing issues. If your system is less than 15 seconds off, you will only notice a note above the environment choice, but if greater than that, there is a warning to update your clock.

Ok, thank you for the info. I reset to within 15 seconds and no annoying message on login.

My personal opinion is that this message is an issue because it is just a matter of time before my computer strays by more than 15 seconds (I understand that this is the whole point of why you did it).

It is just highly irritating to myself and likely everyone else who does not need this message. It is realistic to say that one may have to endure this message at least 200 times each year (with multiple logins).