Vertical Time Line - Hopefully an easy one

I am hoping this is easy. I am just looking for a indicator that plots a vertical line every day at a given time

IE… I would like to plot a vertical line at the open (or any inputted time) every day so I can easily see it when looking at higher frame tick charts.

Maybe this is already out there, but I could not find it.

Thanks much,


Hey @Donovan_Ward

I haven’t seen anything like this yet myself either… I think it could be done, though it could be tough to have it work on every time frame. To code it, there are two “tricks” to pull off:

  1. Converting the time into the right place on the chart. This could be done by looking at the time of the bars in the chart and using some logic to place the line according to where those bars are… it would take a custom plotter and some trickery with p.x.get

  2. Getting the right scale for the vertical line. You’d want to line to span the chart without expanding it. You might be able to just use the lowest low and highest high for the chart as the Y coordinates. Again, would be done in a custom plotter though.

That’s as good as I can come up with for now. Good luck!


Okay so this is obviously not as easy as it appears!

Thanks for the info - that gives me something to work on and play around with,

Appreciate you taking the time to respond,

Thanks much,