Use Tradovate API website Demo, but failed to Place an Order

this Section show AccessToken is Valid (with a lock)

This Section for Curl and Buy Market Order

Result is showing account Closed

Not only the Tradovate API website, my program can’t place an order and websocket running. Also, all the numbers you see are either float or integer (not in in quote)
Result from software

************** GET Account
Url for account/list =
Using AccessToken=“Ly_nA9FQxq-sow4kjHrH7ZEEDngG_E-iqFjxsGLbDPbav2zjKbtgSUA9UrpvqtPa8Hio178LNDwu575CyCNkmCTtBV14o46jqJApKxa3Odfzu4Jp5Az6psG4fZLoL2ZcGH6BhCBDlWXv1qwtL16Yjv4uVFz8-Z4Mrgo5Q4SiYaqTRt3IFC8jrNHm8_mH5TRbQ2I3IcP71Q”

“id”: 792604,
“name”: “DEMO362514”,
“userId”: 362514,
“accountType”: “Customer”,
“active”: true,
“clearingHouseId”: 2,
“riskCategoryId”: 2,
“autoLiqProfileId”: 1,
“marginAccountType”: “Speculator”,
“legalStatus”: “Individual”,
“archived”: false,
“timestamp”: “2022-04-01T06:47:03Z”

******************* Starting Websocket
USing Websocket URL =wss://

Socket Openned and Ready for Login
***********AccessToken Using for Websocket

Main message rec = o
first character = o
Socket Closed

************** End of Websocket on Closed

************* PLace A Market Order
Buy from Server
BUY JSONstr = {“accountSpec”:“DEMO362514”,“accountId”:792604,“action”:“Buy”,“symbol”:“ESM2”,“orderType”:“Market”,“timeInForce”:“Day”,“orderQty”:1,“isAutomated”:true}
Exception thrown: ‘System.Net.WebException’ in System.dll
ERROR!!! Fail to submit order An exception occurred during a WebClient request.
*************End of Market Order