Up Vol - Down Vol & NASDAQ Market Internals

Disappointing that Tradovate still lacks NASDAQ market internals. I mainly just care about NASDAQ Up Volume - Down Volume which surprisingly still hasn’t even been added for NYSE yet. If for some reason it is that difficult/costly to add NASDAQ internals, at a minimum please add NYSE Up Volume - Down Volume instead of just having separate NYSE Up Volume and Down Volume symbols. Need to be able to know the difference

NASDAQ Up Volume - Down Volume really helps show what is really happening behind the scenes when trading NQ. Haven’t been using NYSE Up Vol - Down Vol myself, but a quick look at it makes it seem like it would be similarly valuable to have.

i wrote an email to support about that, they said that they simply give us the cqg internals that they got. up - down vol isnt coming anytime soon. Really saddening to hear, since it cant be such a big thing to add. However, this might be the reason im going to switch over to sierra or some other. sierra has all the internals youll ever need.

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