Trouble Submitting Bracket Order via API

Okay, let me know if this is everything you’re looking for regarding key permissions, or if you need anything else from me:

Just so you are aware, I’ve opened a ticket regarding this issue. I’ll post anything I learn here.


Hey guys, for those of you who were experiencing multibracket failures even after the fix -

I was able to reproduce and can confirm that we have resolved this issue on our dev servers; the changes should be pushed to production within roughly 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated in figuring out this bug!

Special shout out to @Arthur, @gustrom, and @lukectv56 - your logs and responses were very helpful over the course of resolving this problem.


Of course Alexander, thank you so much for working towards a solution!

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Hey everyone, the new fix for Brackets via API is in the release notes for this weekend - you should be able to observe the changes to the server by Monday, 4/25.

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Hello @Alexander, we got the bracket orders using startorderstrategy to work. We encounter an issue when trying to receive notification with user/syncnotification while using WebSocket. It seems to disconnect after some time.

Any help with this?

This is probably not the correct topic for this, but that’s alright - when the access token that was used to authorize the socket expires, the socket will disconnect as well (since you only have to authorize it one time, it has authority until expiration). When you renew your access token, you will want to re-instantiate your WebSocket.

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