Standardize use of measuring units

As professionals in this industry I know you’re aware that numerous units of measure are used on a regular basis. There should be no place in the software in which a number is displayed without it appropriate unit of measure being included.

I am looking at managing the daily loss limit. The option is a number with no unit of measure. I don’t know how standard it is but I have seen “gain/loss” used in discussion of changes in the value of an index or future where “profit/loss” used for discussion of changes in monetary value.

Both include the term “loss”. In describing the daily loss limit it could be loss in value of an index or future. It could also describe a loss in monetary value.

I understand that it is likely references a change in cash value. But we work in specifics. This should not be left to interpretation or assumption. As I set the value, I should be certain that it is reference a USD and not a Euro a tick or a contract, etc…

Can these modifications be made?