Show Trades in Data Box

I would like to see trades listed in the data box. (ie Bought 1 @50.17).

Currently I do not have any idea where my fill is when just referencing the chart.

There is a little triangle there, but I cannot see the price. I have to kind of guess with the crosshairs. I know I can reference the Orders window but I should be able to get that info on the chart since there is already a marking there.

Thanks much :slight_smile:


Just to clarify:
You want to see your filled trades listed in the data Box?

Great idea!

Hi Donovan,

One thing you can do in the chart to see the prices would be to enable Trade Lines in your chart settings:

When you mouse over the Trade Line it will display the prices of the buy and sell:

Hey Brian,

I do have those on, but when I really need the data is when I am in a trade… even if you could hover over that little arrow before the trade is complete to show your fill that would work.

I just thought including it in the Data Box would make sense because it could display something like “Bought 5 @ 3030.50”. It already displays all the relevant information for that particular bar.

Also - When I hover over the trade line it seems I have to get to an exact little spot to get the information to appear… Is there a secret to it? I have tried close to the arrows, right on the lines, etc and it seems to be a crap-shoot to find that tiny little spot :face_with_monocle:

Thanks much,