Release Notes - Version 1.210723.0


Functions Included in Version 1.210723.0

  • Added: Application Settings. We’ve included an option for users to enforce the use of a security key on ALL logins.
  • Added: Notifications. We’re added an option to allow users with Live accounts to receive an email notification with a summary of working orders and open positions after last the last Live session is closed
  • Added: Table/Grid Modules. Support for keyboard’s up/down arrows to change the selection in the table/grid
  • Added: Options Chain. Add to Quotes/Add Quote board have been added to the right-click menu in the Option Chain module
  • Updated: Order Ticket. When a working order is pulled into the order ticket to be modified, the Release Time (if configured on the order being modified) will be switched “Off”
  • Updated: Quoteboard. Improvements have been made to rolling contracts in the Quoteboard
  • Updated: Quoteboard. Swapped buy/sell button display order in the Quoteboard module to be consistent with other modules
  • Charts:
    • Added. The ability to reuse other indicators in custom indicators as ordinary functions
    • Added. A new function under the indicator menu called Worksheets. Worksheets allow a person with (almost) no programming skills to compose new plots by combining existing indicators and features. Worksheets are an extension of Tradovate’s Custom Indicators.
    • Added an “Apply” button to the chart editors to allow for saving changes without closing the configuration module
    • Added. Applying non-zero opaque style to candlestick coloring
    • Added. Exposing access to OHLC to all kinds of inputs of custom indicators
    • Updated. Added more digits to the chart’s value axis labels
    • Fixed. Proper recreating of Custom Indicators after structural changes


  • Fixed light theme icons
  • Fixed the display of the Performance indicator in the Chart

To enable this feature, go to Application Settings>2 Factor Authentication. You will see an option to “Require 2FA on each login”

Click the “Turn On” link to enable this feature. NOTE: this feature will require a security key to be added prior to enabling this feature.
On each login you will be required to verify your identity with a security key

To enable this feature, go to Application Settings > Notifications. At the bottom of the page, you will see an option to “Send Account Summary Email”. When enabled, you will have the option to receive an email with a summary of any working orders and positions “in” a number of minutes after the close of your last Live session or “at” a specific time of day (in CST)

When enabled and configured, at the specified interval or specific time, you will receive an email showing session details, any working orders as well as a summary of your positions:

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With this update, users can now use the arrow keys to update selections in tables and grids.

Selecting a row in the Quoteboard, for example and arrow up or down will update the product selected in a linked module

For more details on this exciting new addition to the Tradovate platform, you can refer to this post in our User Community: