Release Notes - Version 1.210625.0


Functions included in Version 1.210625.0

  • Added: API. Tradovate Users with a Live account will now have access to the Tradovate API. After enabling access, you will be able to create and manage keys and key permissions to access the Tradovate API for orders and data in both Simulation and Live environments
  • Added: Trader. In support of our growing international presence, Korean language has been added to the list of available language selections
  • Added: Charts. Added support for custom coloring of Renko bars
  • Added: Charts. To help better distinguish in long lists of applied indicators, we’ve started listing the indicator expressions in the configure menu
  • Added: Charts. To allow even more flexibility in indicator plotting, we’ve added a configuration to control plot shifting in indicators
  • Updated: Trader. Refactored contract rolling to improve performance
  • Updated: Charts. Improved styles in chart settings and configuration editors
  • Updated: Charts. Performance optimizations for cases where charts had hundreds of drawings


  • Fixed scrolling for recent versions of Firefox to address a bug
  • Fixed “Find” bug in Code Explorer module
  • Fixed disappearing lines on scrolling inside the Chart plot area
  • Fixed problems with showing Volume Profile after switching between tabs on Charts
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View more details about how to gain access to our API here: How Do I Access the API?

You can get support from the community on questions about API usage/issues here: Community Support - Tradovate Forum. Please post any questions to this Category

View Tradovate’s API documentation here:

You can find this in the language selection dropdown:

Now when selecting the “Configure Chart Elements” menu, the parameters for the indicators added to the charts will be displayed under the indicator.

To access this functionality, open the configuration on an indicator you have added to the chart. There will be a field available to adjust the offset (in candles) positive or negative